Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Only in the ED?

ER Nursey blogs about "The naked man in the church" and discusses her sentiments about the episode, wondering if her years in the ED (Hey! I'm learning Dr. Whitecoat!) trenches haven't dulled her sensibilities to shocking human behavior.

Her story reminded me of a shift barely 3 nights ago. Along with the rest of the ED staff, I was treated to the spectacle of a drunk busy jerking off despite being placed in a visible room for observation because of 'suicidal ideation'. He knew he could be seen by others but he just didn't care (no, he wasn't that drunk either).

By the end of the shift, drunk guy and frequent-flyer-drunk-screamer-bitch girl in a near by hall close view bed were overheard sharing tips on scoring easy dope and evasion tactics. One of the senior ED nurses stopped and said (in a voice dripping with sarcasm): "Awww! Love is in the air. Those two are hooking up. Isn't that sweet?"

Of course, what I'd witnessed was within the confines of the ED while ER Nursey's was on decidedly more public (and if you wish 'hallowed') grounds. Still, I couldn't help but think .... "only in the ED."

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