Thursday, August 28, 2008

The more I think about it...

... the more I realize what an awesome thing it was for me to push off from "The Toxic Environment" (aka Old Job). The people I worked with were awesome but the job in itself sucked the life outta me.

I sit here nursing a beer, thinking about all the amazing things I've done since I left that job - all the while knowing that I've barely scratched the surface! I sit here thinking about how I'm working a much busier and more intense environment (my feet hurt like they've never hurt before) and yet don't feel as desolate and run down as I used to.

There exists a greater scope for teaching - be it patients, new grads or EMS students - something that I greatly enjoy.

I'm challenged here - both physically as well as mentally/professionally and I'm surprised to find that I like that. More is expected of me and I find that a little exciting.

So yeah, I guess I ought to thank my sister-in-law (was her idea for me to come down here).

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