Monday, March 31, 2008

First impressions

Took a "quick look" around at my new job site today.

Patients lining the hallways. Folks bustling about, in and out. Didn't notice the phones going off the hook constantly. Seemed chaotic but orderly at the same time.

Welcome to the ER? I guess.

Still have paperwork and stuff to do. Orientation doesn't start for a couple weeks.
Everyone's warned me - this place ain't no cake walk. Very busy. Sees a high volume of patients all the time.

I understand the concern, but deep down inside, I'm confident. As long as I have adequate support, I'm confident I can hack it. I know there's lots of "adjustment" and "learning" I have to go through; and I'm willing to give it all I've got.

The good thing is that everyone seems to like working there, as busy and chaotic as it gets. Hope I fit right in :-)

Moving is a pain in the butt


It took me a freaking week to clean up my one bedroom apartment, load all my crap into my car

and drive it all over 1500 miles to my new job.

Oh and there is one thing I re-learned (I guess I forgot after my last move) - when driving long distances, there is only so much music you can listen to! Sheesh! Talk about boredom!

And speaking of car - I love me new car! :-) After driving a 14 year old, crotchety Plymouth Neon with non-working guages worn out brakes and tires and pathetic fuel economy... me likey the power, zip, handling and 500-miles-to-the-full-tank aspects of the new car. Not to mention safety features and gizmos up the wazoo!

Getting back travelling: I will say this though - if one is so inclined to go "off the beaten path" every once a while, this wonderful country will reward you. Not only did I get to see breath taking scenery on the way, but I also had the pleasure of running into some absolutely outstanding folks on the way: from the owner of a breakfast diner who gave me a meal on the house after looking at my tired, bloodshot eyes and weary face to the kind folks who let a complete stranger (me!) into their home (and outta the rain) so that I could stop someplace dry till the weather cleared up.


I couldn't fit everything into my car, so I packed some of it and sent it with UPS. Still awaiting some of my boxes to show up. Staying with extended family for now.

Time to find an apartment, yes?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I about wet my pants laughing. Photobucket Photobucket

NOTE: It is 'humor' of a different kind. Not for the overly sensitive or bashful. It's definitely not PC. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Monday, March 3, 2008

D minus 11 and counting...

March 14th, 2008.
My last day working my soul killing job.

I need to haul ass and start cleaning up my apartment ... and stuff. But I just don't have the motivation ... for now. I just want to relax, take a deep breath, catch up on some sleep.

But yeah, it was like a huge weight being taken off my shoulders. Actually manage to smile and be cheerful at work these days.

And in other news, I met someone who kinda said and did something that totally made my shitty week seem less shitty. Stay tuned for that story...