Thursday, May 14, 2009

Die erste Pistole

About 10 days ago, I walked into my local shooting range and put down 500 smackers for this little beauty:

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Truth be told, I wanted the Beretta 92fs but apparently there's a serious shortage of Beretta pistols. I also liked the CZ but going by the advice I was given (stick with "tried and true" brand names for your first pistol) - I decided on the M&P. And I gotta say, them interchangeable back-straps was a big selling point to me. The ergonomics of the pistol is superb (which is another reason I really liked the Beretta and the CZ - the "feel").

So yesterday, I went over to the range and sent 200 bullets at this target:

Yes, yes. I know. My aim sucks (12 yards). But that's the whole point of buying the pistol - gotta work on that aim!

All in all, I'm one happy little boy.

Next up:
M1 Garand
Beretta 92 fs

Gotta start puttin' in some overtime at work! :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I curse the fact that ...

... my iPhone can't record video and I didn't have my camera around.

I was walking out of the locker room headed toward the ER (ED if you are... well, you ought to know by now) to start my shift when I heard the unmistakable sound of a piano! Our hospital foyer has a grand piano but to date I always thought it was just for show.

My curiosity piqued, I mosied over. And what a sight to behold!

One of our Urology docs was belting out a kick ass rendition of "Bloody Well Right" by Supertramp! Right there in our hospital foyer. He had this big, silly grin on his face as his fingers danced over the keys.

I just had to walk over and ask... I mean, I couldn't believe my ears!

"Hey Doc! 'Bloody Well Right' by Supertramp, right?!"
He just looked at me and nodded, that grin still plastered on his face. He was obviously enjoying himself :-)

So that's that. Along with Uro Doc, that makes 6 other people (other than myself) that I know of, who have heard of Supertramp and who obviously like their music.

Holla at all you Supertramp fans out there!