Saturday, June 7, 2008

Working short handed...

We had six call-ins today.

With a heat-wave passing through the region, I kinda figured it was gonna be "rough" today anyway... but with the call ins ... man! Heat stroke, chest pains, MI, severe dehydration and others ... you name it, we got it.

At times I was tackling 10 patients at a time.
And I'm just a rookie!!
If it weren't for the expert (and often silent) assistance of my preceptors and colleagues; I'd have never made it through the day! I'm SO in awe!! There's a couple of 'em especially that... someday... y'know... if I ever become 1/10th the nurse they are; I'd consider my nursing career in the ER a success.

Know everything.
Seen everything.

Can do anything...

Wow! And I mean "WOW!"

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