Monday, March 31, 2008

First impressions

Took a "quick look" around at my new job site today.

Patients lining the hallways. Folks bustling about, in and out. Didn't notice the phones going off the hook constantly. Seemed chaotic but orderly at the same time.

Welcome to the ER? I guess.

Still have paperwork and stuff to do. Orientation doesn't start for a couple weeks.
Everyone's warned me - this place ain't no cake walk. Very busy. Sees a high volume of patients all the time.

I understand the concern, but deep down inside, I'm confident. As long as I have adequate support, I'm confident I can hack it. I know there's lots of "adjustment" and "learning" I have to go through; and I'm willing to give it all I've got.

The good thing is that everyone seems to like working there, as busy and chaotic as it gets. Hope I fit right in :-)


NocturnalRN said...

Good Luck!

jason said...

Sweet, hope all is well in ER Land.