Monday, March 3, 2008

D minus 11 and counting...

March 14th, 2008.
My last day working my soul killing job.

I need to haul ass and start cleaning up my apartment ... and stuff. But I just don't have the motivation ... for now. I just want to relax, take a deep breath, catch up on some sleep.

But yeah, it was like a huge weight being taken off my shoulders. Actually manage to smile and be cheerful at work these days.

And in other news, I met someone who kinda said and did something that totally made my shitty week seem less shitty. Stay tuned for that story...


Jaime said...

I'm waiting for that story ;)

By the way, I'm very curious if you've heard the news story about the Dr charged with hastening the death of a patient for his organs? I hope it doesn't deter people from giving the gift of life.

NocturnalRN said...

Good for you!

RehabNurse said...

Hooray for you!

I just switched jobs recently myself and I now feel like a human being again.

May the rest of your days go smoothly!