Sunday, November 18, 2007

Woman with only half a brain

Doctors treating a Chinese woman who complained of feeling weak discovered she only had half a brain.

The woman, 39, from Wuhan city, has lived a perfectly normal life and only came into hospital after she complained of feeling weak and stiff.

Zhang Linhong, director of Neural Rehabilitation Department at the local hospital, said: "On the MRI scans we were surprised to see that she only has grey matter on the right side.

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Now that is just plain plumb weired!


Jaime said...

Weird and scary!! It's good to hear from you! ;)

NYC EMS said...

Just stopping by to say Happy thanksgiving!!!!!

FeedMeZoloft said...

Perhaps that explains the slight swishing sound I hear when I tilt my head......

Great post & Great blog!!

emergencyem said...

Hehe, definatly weird.

You've been blogrolled.

Out of curiosity...does your name "Spook" get inspiration from the book about the little black dog?