Thursday, November 8, 2007

Guess who is here all week?

I don't need to give specifics, do I?

Case in point: It took me 20 fucking minutes to give a patient some insulin yesterday?
"Why", you wonder?

Because it took me that long to locate all the fucking keys! Yes - KEYS!

There is now a separate key for a locked drawer that holds the syringes, a separate key to a locked drawer that holds all the needles, a separate key to the lock on the fridge where the insulin is stored. On top of that, I now need two RNs: one to sign off on my computer MAR that I am indeed administering 2 fucking units of insulin and one to make sure that I indeed administered the medication as documented.

Everything has a lock on it now - IV bags, antibiotics ... even the blasted plastic cups you use to collect piss! The entire damned supply room is locked! Housekeeping is locked at night - big bad spill or blood all over the floor? Too fucking bad - because all the cleaning supplies are locked and no one has the keys!

Oh and did I mention that I can no longer leave myself signed on a computer - even if I'm stepping away just to administer a medication and will return right after? Of course not, there are shifty, shady characters hiding in the fucking ventilation ducts just waiting for me to step away so that they can pounce and read all kinds of privileged medical information ...

All this bullshit because you know who is in the facility. GAH!


NocturnalRN said...

Oh my goodness I feel your pain.

Jaime said...

Sounds so annoying and time consuming. Uggg.

NYC EMS said...

Get the hell out of that shit hole.